Will you be ready when the camera rolls to make your best online video message?

It’s fair to say that in today’s digital world, video content is king. With viewers 10 times more likely to engage, share and comment on videos, it’s a no-brainer that you’ve got to be in it to win it! Creating your own video message is an opportunity to boost your public profile and influence your audience. When you create your own video message you have complete control over the message being delivered.
Problem: People make judgements very quickly about the quality of your offering based on how you come across on camera.
Solution: Specific on-camera presentation skills training.
Viewers don’t want to watch a corporate talking head. Specific on-camera training helps enable presenters to project their message with authenticity and credibility.
In this article we present two video examples where we feature a message before, and one after camera training. The benefits of training are obvious!
Being unprepared before camera. Can we really trust this guy?

This is an example of a presenter who is unprepared before camera. Our assessment of this video follows:

  • Darrell does not start strongly, he comes across as overly casual and unprepared. Yes it’s great to be yourself, but this is too unpolished
  • He is clearly uncomfortable and/or nervous and thus does not make eye contact, giving the impression he is untrustworthy
  • He doesn’t use pace and varied tones well
  • Lack of practise means at one point he stalls to remember details of his business, that he no doubt knows very well
  • He goes into too much detail about his business, he doesn’t keep it short and simple
  • There’s no enthusiasm and passion, due to nervousness and lack of preparation
  • All of the above means he does not come across as confident and engaging and therefore misses the opportunity to convey his important message

Being prepared before camera. This guy we can trust!

This is an example of a presenter who is prepared before camera. Our assessment of this video is as follows:

  • Darrell starts strongly with an attention-grabbing opener, one of the keys to a good presentation
  • He reads the autocue more naturally and makes good eye contact
  • Having controlled his nerves and thus becoming relaxed, allows his passion and enthusiasm to shine through, making for a more engaging video
  • Darrell conveys his core message within the first 20 seconds of his video
  • The video is short, simple and to the point – not enough time for people to lose interest
  • Darrell is professional and polished yet he is still himself on camera

Top marks for Darrell for completing his on-camera training and nailing his video message!
Let the team at Media Manoeuvres empower you with Presenting to Camera skills to step boldly in front of the camera to make a powerful, authentic and memorable impression.

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