Stakeholder Communication

Engage your stakeholders and inspire action.

“The focus on stakeholders was exactly what we needed. Highly relevant and timely with excellent pace and content. The trainer’s style and knowledge was excellent and this assured a superior exercise and result for us.”
Health Workforce Queensland

Maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders is how an organisation survives and thrives. But all too often, stakeholder communication and engagement becomes more about you and your promotional messaging, rather than what they want and need to hear. That is, what’s in it for the stakeholder? 

Creating compelling pieces of communication with the right key messages that have connection and relationship building power – or saving relationships – requires a strategic and analytical process.

In our Stakeholder Communication Skills training workshop, we show you our acclaimed and proven strategic communication framework and models to develop powerful stakeholder communication and messaging. We show you how to analyse and address your stakeholder through profiling, drivers, influence matrices,  perceptions and issues affecting your relationships.

We then show you how to develop clear messaging so your stakeholders hear what they need or want to hear from you in plain, direct, meaningful language that connects and engages. Your messages will have the right impact, influence, or call-to-action.

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