Media Training

Calm, confident and credible.

When it comes to the media, what’s said or done in a moment can stain a career or a reputation. Preventing a spill is a thousand times easier than trying to clean one up, which is why media training is essential.

“I feel far more confident in taking on media activity and requests in my role now as a result of my training with Communication & Media Manoeuvres.”
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General Manager

Could a crisis demand that your spokespeople need to front the media quickly? Does your strategy for positive media hinge on a spokesperson who can get your messages across in media-friendly bites?

From media awareness for non-key spokespeople, to executive interview skills for subject matter experts and senior executives, CEOs and Directors, we prepare spokespeople for promotional purposes or issues and crisis communications, specific interview rehearsal and everything in between. 

We work with corporate affairs teams and other advisers to develop customised media training that aligns and supports organisational and media strategies, in good times and bad.

We have specialist media trainers (all former journalists) who are experts in corporate, government and not-for-profit training (and coaching) so you and your spokespeople develop skills to be great media ‘talent’ and love playing the media ‘game’.

We show you how to answer any journalist question, and get the right message out at the right time, delivered the right way.

We show you how to stay on message and keep control of an interview so you stay ‘safe’. We show you how to answer any question with confidence, clarity and calmness, no matter how difficult the questions may be.

With Communication & Media Manoeuvres, your entire team of spokespeople will have shared reference points – a whole-of-organisation approach – and communication skills they will use for the rest of their career.

(Buyers beware… ineffective media training comprises a former journalist who runs through a series of questions and answers and gives superficial feedback, without any verified retention training principles. There is no learning and development achieved in this scenario.)

If your organisation needs confident, willing and able media spokespeople, you need media training that sticks.

Find out if we’re the right fit.

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