Executive Presentation Skills

Present with presence, power and persuasion.

The trainer did an outstanding job. Have done a few of these, but today was best by far. Enjoyed the structure of the content and I felt we went into the right depth of knowledge without having to rush.”
Chief Commercial Officer

Senior and ambitious executives know that executive presence and good communication skills are not a ‘nice to have’ but a MUST-have for success in building their professional reputation. 

Research says that presentation skills are holding back many executives in their careers. They do not communicate with conviction and they do not command respect or attention.

They are memorable for all the wrong reasons.

A survey published by Forbes found that a whopping 70% of global executives ranked presentation skills as a critical component to their career success. 75% of them said they needed to improve their verbal presentation skills more.

We can ALL learn to be better presenters!

We have all sat through boring or, at best, very average presentations. At Communication & Media Manoeuvres we know, first hand, that nobody needs to be like that. Public speaking in any forum or presentation is a learned skill and believe it or not, there are VERY few people who cannot be taught to go to the next level and beyond.

We have transformed our clients from run-of-the-mill, also-ran speakers and presenters to those that exude executive presence, have audience members describing them as “exceptional” and are congratulated by their audiences and colleagues for being “outstanding” and “inspiring”.


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