On Camera And Online Presentation Training

Light up every screen.

“The training was completely tailored to what I needed. I’m keeping the trainer on my speed dial for future presentations.”
Head of Design

How others immediately perceive you and your organisation comes down to the first few seconds of on-camera or on-screen content.

Do you have ‘presence’ on a live or recorded broadcast video or as an online platform presenter? As a webinar or meeting facilitator, are you boring or engaging? Do you connect and persuade? Do you hold the attention of viewers and get interaction? 

It’s not pure luck that TV reporters look so at-ease in front of a camera, speaking live with confidence, eloquence and fluency. And that’s much harder to accomplish than what the rest of us need to do.

But it does take specific on-camera or on-platform skills training.

Delivered by our very own professional TV media and visual presentation skills trainers, Communication & Media Manoeuvres works with an individual’s style to make you or your team interesting, engaging and attention-grabbing, to get the results you want. 

Find out if we’re the right fit.

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