Issue/Crisis Media Spokesperson Skills

Media training becomes critical when an issue or crisis happens.

TV camera filming factory fire
“Brilliant course. Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. The trainer was very knowledgeable and delivered the content at a great pace with terrific examples.”
Managing Director

Every organisation is vulnerable to a reputation-threatening, high-level issue or crisis that ends up in social or news media – it’s knowing the right way to communicate in those situations that changes the way organisations are perceived by their stakeholders and the media.

Nobody relishes the pressure of talking on behalf of their organisation when things are going wrong or there is stakeholder outrage. Especially when it comes to mainstream and social media.

Talking to the news media can be overwhelming on a good news day, so coming face-to-face with a journalist when a high-level issue or crisis arises can be extremely stressful.

Keeping a clear head and delivering meaningful key messages that connect, rather than dodging difficult questions and trotting out ‘weasel words’ or ‘spin’, is daunting and very challenging without skills training and practice.

At Communication & Media Manoeuvres, issue and crisis communication training is one of our specialities. We design an experiential training program, tailored to you, that will give your spokespeople the confidence and the clear, powerful messages they need to defend your organisation’s reputation and your CEO’s or leaders’ jobs (and careers) when facing media scrutiny.

It’s not what the issue or crisis is, it’s the way an organisation and its senior executives respond in the thick of things that matters.

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