What Does A Good Story In The Media Really Do For You?

What does a good story in the media really do for you

Trust, credibility, google rankings, sales, partnerships and your mates buying you a beer or champers at the pub!
Who doesn’t like it when a media story comes out and your friends give you a hearty “well done” slap on the back or buy you a drink because now you’re a bit more famous!
That’s fine for your friends and family but if they aren’t your ideal clients, paying customers or people who would book you or go into a partnership with you, they are of little use (except for the drink!).
Good media coverage and a good media story have MUCH better value for the people you want as clients or customers. Because being in the media is all about someone else recognizing you and endorsing you, what you do or what you sell.
Media doesn’t just have anyone on air or online in their publications, they have people who are worth putting there with a good story, product or service and the audience knows that too.
So there’s instant CREDIBILITY that people TRUST.
And there’s GOOGLE rankings that you’ll get as a result of a good media story. We are all busy paying for those through SEO but remember, once your story appears in media which then goes online, you will have organic rankings happening. Organics give you CREDIBILITY and media ENDORSEMENT.
And they stay online, so if your customer or client is checking you out online at any time to see if they like what they see, the story will be there, forever. It doesn’t matter if they saw or heard the story when it was first published. You can’t buy that and it’s free..
But you can make your media stories work even harder. Every time you have a story appear, put a link and the media logo beside it on your EMAIL SIGNATURE so that every time you email a new prospect or partner, they’ll see it right there. CREDIBILITY, ENDORSEMENT and TRUST.
That’s great marketing.
So ……
What makes people buy?

  1. You solve their problem – you’re the expert and you will do that.
  2. You have the expertise and credibility to do it – a media story will promote that.
  3. You are trustworthy – a media story will promote that.

How do people buy?

  1. Referral – you’ve got the reputation and track record so you’ll take care of that.
  2. Reputation – a media story will promote that.
  3. Google searching and rankings – a media story will promote that.

So getting yourself covered in media is THE most cost effective way to promote you and your business and get new business, bookings or partnership results.
If you don’t know how to get media to be interested in you, feel uncomfortable doing it or have never done it before – you are not alone but this is too good an opportunity to miss.
Come and learn from the experts and real media. In ONE day, you will either be booked on the spot to appear on major radio, TV or online media OR you will know what to do, and will be confident about doing it, the very next day.

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