Want to train your staff to speak for success in media or to stakeholders? No training budget or time? Try eLearning.

The advantages of media and presentation skills training are plentiful.  But we know there are hurdles to gathering a whole team of employees in one place at one time for training.
1. Your people are time poor
2. Your people are geographically dispersed
3. The budget just doesn’t stretch far enough to train everyone face to face
eLearning can be a cost-effective way to provide important training experiences for staff that can also serve to deliver greater staff engagement. Media Manoeuvres offer customised eLearning Media Spokesperson Skills programmes.  
Discover E-Learning

We know that intensive, face to face training is important for key spokespeople in your organisation but eLearning can be a flexible and cost effective first step to train other employees to be ready for the media, and deliver effective business presentations.
eLearning improves productivity as it eliminates the need for travel and reduces time away from the office.
Since visuals are said to be retained by the brain longer, eLearning can improve retention and online material can be revisited many times and reused for multiple staff.
Our courses are simple and easy to access, they are not full of large download files and can be done at any time and in any place.
Every course can be customised for your organisation and, as with our face to face training, the eLearning courses are based on best practice, instructional course design and adult learning principles.
So you can be happy knowing that your eLearning trainees will experience maximum learning and skill outcomes.
This short introductory media training video presented by Sam Elam, Managing Director of Media Manoeuvres, is a customised eLearning module we developed.

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