Spokesperson Training for Local Government Mayors and Councillors

Newly elected members of local government such as mayors and councillors have a passion for their community, their cause and the ability to learn new skills. Often they have experience speaking to a crowd or group of people and have honed their interpersonal skills.  These traits have served them well and undoubtedly that’s why they have been elected.
However, the presentation skills required for a successful media or community interview are different to those used when presenting to a crowd or group. Both settings are a different beast to the speaking platforms they’ve known thus far.
Getting customised Media Spokesperson Skills training for newly elected mayors and councillors is highly recommended, to ensure they are in control of their important messages and are able to hold their nerve in the face of a tough media/community interview, as well as getting the media coverage they deserve.
Customised courses give councillors the knowledge and skills to build and protect their council’s profile and reputation, while advocating on important issues.
Here’s a list of what you can expect to gain from a customised Media Spokesperson Skills course:

  • Learn proven interview skills and techniques for dealing with the media/community
  • Learn to keep your nerves at bay when facing a camera lens
  • Learn proven techniques to be in control of the message in the face of tough questions from the media/community members
  • Learn the difference between presentation skills for media interviews versus those for public speaking
  • Learn the Satisfy and Shoot© technique to adopt when faced with aggressive questions
  • Understand the importance of short and concise points to cater to a variety of community members
  • Learn about media grabs and how you can get the best media coverage
  • Know what to do in the event of a question that throws you off course
  • Be in control at all times and resist the need to fill the silence

Media Manoeuvres can tailor our courses to suit individual councils’ needs. We have a huge depth of experience training mayors, councillors and local government executive teams to build their spokesperson skills and maximise the council’s local community and media opportunities.

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