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Lucy Knight

Executive Trainer

Lucy Knight has been in the Australian rural and political media industry for over 25 years. Her varied career has seen her work in both radio and television as a reporter, journalist, editor, and opinion columnist. She has worked with Communication & Media Manoeuvres for more than eight years.

As a journalist, Lucy covered national affairs and politics from Canberra for over five years for mastheads across Australia and New Zealand.

Lucy was the leading political reporter at Rural Press (now Fairfax Agricultural Media) for four years, during which she set the rural news agenda with her incisive and analytic articles and columns in the company’s major Australian rural newspapers. She reported on some of the biggest rural stories facing Australian farmers, including property rights, water reform, live exports, climate change, foreign ownership, food security, land clearing and the AWB oil-for-food scandal.

Frequently Lucy has been asked in a freelance capacity to act as a journalist and opinion columnist to many significant organisations such as The Weekly Times, The Guardian online (Australian edition) and ABC Rural Online.

Throughout her career, Lucy has been recognised on various occasions for her high-level skill in reporting and publishing, seeing her receive multiple awards including Best Story for Rural Press Agricultural Publishing and the NSW Farmer’s Mackellar Media Awards for Journalistic Excellence.

In addition to this experience, Lucy also possesses a Bachelor of Arts Communications (Journalism) degree and a Major in print journalism and politics.

Lucy has unrivalled contracts across Australia as a result of her broad international experience and the fact that she is one of Australia’s top rural and agribusiness news and policy specialists.

Lucy Knight 2024 - CMM background

All Communication & Media Manoeuvres trainers sign confidentiality agreements and are not currently working in the media.

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