Our Team

Kelly Brennan

Executive Trainer

Kelly Brennan knows the news and current affairs game from every angle, with more than three decades across TV, radio and print journalism. She’s been part of the Communication & Media Manoeuvres team for more than ten years.

From her early days in Perth radio, interviewing millionaires, criminals, and sometimes both, Kelly headed east. She worked for 12 years at Melbourne radio station 3AW, including taking on the challenging role of court reporter. She has also spent more than 20 years at commercial TV networks in Melbourne, working on news and national programs.

Kelly knows what makes news and why. And she’s experienced at identifying and preparing engaging guests for live discussions. She can help to develop your strategic talking points into credible but punchy messages, and she can help you to add some persuasive power to your presentation style.

Kelly is also our Melbourne-based Senate Estimates and government inquiry preparation specialist, and has transformed many nervous witnesses into confident communicators.

Alongside her media career, Kelly has enjoyed record-breaking success in a parallel career in skydiving. For many people, facing the media is as daunting as leaping off a plane at 14,000 feet. So, we have a trainer who knows her stuff in both!

Kelly brings a lifetime of training and mentoring experience to the Communication & Media Manoeuvres team and is a valued and respected trainer and consultant.


All Communication & Media Manoeuvres trainers sign confidentiality agreements and are not currently working in the media.

Should any of our trainers be doing any freelance work in the media, we will inform clients before training is commissioned.