Stop Press Canberra!…Finally…

In Canberra, each and every department, agency and office has its own media/public affairs team.  Many teams consist of a number of young graduates, who’ve taken their first public affairs positions straight out of TAFE or university.
According to Media Manoeuvres’, ACT Manager and Executive Trainer, Andrea Close, despite these stats, there is a glaring lack of services and support to help out the novice or even the more experienced practitioner.
“It’s a tough call for them to learn how to manoeuvre through the media machinations of this town.  Talk about being thrown in at the deep end.
Who to contact and how…getting the timing just right…ensuring your message cuts through. Getting results with strategic communication and traversing the world of new media. Enough to make your head spin,” she said.
Talking of spin, a number of the more experienced media professionals are also calling for refreshers in order to stay relevant in a rapidly changing media environment. There’s even those who have learned on the job or transferred from another discipline and just want reassurance that their skills are up to scratch.
Previously only offered in Sydney and Melbourne, Media Manoeuvres is now holding its highly acclaimed “public” courses in Canberra. Media Manoeuvres offers five courses: Writing for the Media, Writing for Stakeholders and Writing a Communications/Media Strategy, Making the Transition between Journalism, PR and Corporate Communications and Social Media Integration. New courses are always being developed. These courses are a smart way to begin the new year with your media/public affairs team.
Canberra will celebrate its centenary as the nation’s capital in 2013.   Australia will be looking on.  Departments, businesses, organisations and institutions will all be after a slice of the celebration pie.
Make sure you get your slice.  Make sure your message stands out.
Here is some of the terrific feedback we have received from attendees at our new Canberra courses.
“The trainer was outstanding and had an easy presentation style with lots of relevant examples and a capacity to make things relevant to each person’s field of endeavour.”
Real Estate Institute of the ACT

“Fabulous and very professionally delivered course from someone with real industry experience”
Communications Advisor
Airservices Australia, Canberra

“The trainer is a guru in social media. Great examples and case studies. Very engaging. Fundamental requirements for developing a solid social media plan.”
Communications Manager
Family Court of Australia, Canberra

Andrea Close is Media Manoeuvres’ Canberra State Manager and Executive Media Trainer. Read more about Andrea in this edition’s Staff Profile.
If you would like to register your interest in receiving information about upcoming courses, please contact Andrea Close on

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