Become a media trainer with us!

Journalists are the best media trainers and the corporate and government worlds want you!
If you are no longer a full time, working journalist, why not become a media trainer?
Learn how to use your journalism skills to become the media trainer of choice in a competitive market place. Learn from the expert currently running Australia’s leading media training company. (more…)

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Stop Press Canberra!…Finally…

In Canberra, each and every department, agency and office has its own media/public affairs team.  Many teams consist of a number of young graduates, who’ve taken their first public affairs positions straight out of TAFE or university.
According to Media Manoeuvres’, ACT Manager and Executive Trainer, Andrea Close, despite these stats, there is a glaring lack of services and support to help out the novice or even the more experienced practitioner. (more…)

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