Billionaire Buffett Says This One Skill Will Boost Your Career Value by 50 Percent!


Imagine working on a skill in 2023 that, once mastered, could raise your value by 50%… that one skill is public speaking!

In Warren Buffett’s office, he has only one Diploma on display. It’s not his business degree. It’s a certificate he earned after completing Dale Carnegie’s public-speaking course. Buffett says it’s the most valuable degree he has. For a man who’s worth $80 billion, that’s saying something!

Buffett says, “The dividends on the investment you make in sharpening your communication skills will pay off for the rest of your career.”

Best-selling author and TED curator Chris Anderson calls the ability to captivate an audience “presentation literacy”, a superpower to pitch your ideas, sell products and accomplish your dreams. The return-on-investment of sharpening your communication skills will pay off for the rest of your career.

The great news is, regardless of your personality type, age and level of experience, public speaking skills are teachable. Undoubtedly, Buffett demands attention, yet his journey to prominence was not without its challenges. Early in his career, he was “terrified” of public speaking and took specific steps to overcome his fear.

We have literally transformed our executive presentation skills clients from dreary and run-of-the-mill presenters to presenters that are congratulated by their colleagues for being “outstanding” and audience members describing them as “exceptional” speakers.

We have made people “great”. Ask us how.

Watch today’s video to learn the 3 steps Warren Buffett took to conquer his fear of public speaking.

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