Media Manoeuvres client, KPI, Helps Small Business StartUps

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Media Manoeuvres’ client, Key Person Of Influence is a company building themselves a huge reputation for  delivering a very successful “how to” business programme for small business start-ups and entrepreneurs in Sydney and Melbourne.
Although the CEO is Australian, the programme was originally developed by him in the UK and for the last 18 months in Australia, over 150 entrepreneurs have put their businesses, through the programme which is best described as a ‘growth accelerator’.
It runs for 30 weeks and attracts some of Australia’s top entrepreneurs and industry leaders as mentors and it’s only available to service based business owners who have a track record in their industry.
The results have been exceptional:

  • Participants have fine tuned their PITCH and landed major deals.
  • They’ve won international PUBLISHING contracts.
  • They’ve created hot PRODUCTS that people love to buy.
  • They’ve raised their web PROFILE and been featured in the mainstream media.
  • They’ve PARTNERED with some of the most powerful brands in their industry.

Who they are, what they did and how they did it are being showcased at this years 1 day KPI Brand Accelerator:
Melbourne | 18th of January 2013
Sydney | 2nd of February 2013
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