In its fourth edition, Style Guide a comprehensive manual for journalists and writers is now available.
Is “alright” all right? Is it nerve-wracking or nerve-racking? Why can’t you sail into unchartered waters? Can you spell asphalt, diphtheria and Kosciuszko? Should it be reopen or re-open? The answers to these questions – and thousands more – are in Style Guide.
The written word – in the form of a newspaper, book, magazine or website – remains the most reliable way of communicating information and ideas. Writers must observe the highest standard of language and usage to communicate effectively. This applies to journalists as much as any writer.
The language used by journalists – and their publishers – must be simple and unambiguous. The aim of the Style Guide is to promote accuracy and consistency, and to strike a balance between brevity and clarity. Style Guide is an essential tool for every writer.
Used by more than 120 newspapers, News Limited’s Style Guide explains the grammar, spelling and punctuation rules used by Australia’s premier news-gathering organisation, its writers and its editors. Style Guide will ensure you don’t choose “barmy” when you mean “balmy” or “elicit” instead of “illicit”. Your choices will be judicious, not judicial.
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