Do Executives Need Media Interview Skills These Days?

Media Interview. Journalists Interviewing Politician or Businessman

Executives need to learn media interview skills because they are often expected to be the public face of their company or organisation. They are expected to do this well to create the right ‘impression’ of their organisation to positively influence stakeholders and the public. This means they must communicate effectively with the media.

By mastering media interview skills, executives can:

  1. Communicate their company’s message effectively: Executives need to be able to communicate their company’s message clearly and effectively during media interviews. They need to understand how to use language that resonates with their target audience and stay on message.
  2. Present the right image: Executives need to present the right image for their organisation during interviews to build trust and credibility with their audiences and stakeholders. This includes using appropriate body language, tone of voice, and demeanour.
  3. Handle difficult questions: Executives must be prepared to handle difficult questions, including those that may be sensitive or controversial or have the potential to cause reputational damage.

This requires them to learn advanced media interview skills and know how to respond to tough questions in a way that is honest, transparent, and respectful but also protects their organisation’s reputation.

Overall, media interview skills now more than ever are an essential requirement for executives who want to be effective communicators and need to represent their organisation in the best possible light.

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