Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis ManagementThe Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management: how to manage the media in the digital age by Jane Jordan-Meier
A former journalist with Australian Consolidated Press in Sydney, Jane Jordan-Meier has been at the forefront of media training and crisis management for over two decades. She developed a unique four-stage methodology for crisis management whilst at the helm of Australia’s leading media training consultancy, Media Skills. The methodology has been used around the world by hundreds of organizations and thousands of executives, and is now the focus of her book: The Four Highly Effective Stages of Crisis Management.

Known to many as Janie, Jordan-Meier was raised in country NSW where she was very active with horse-related events and activities. When not on a horse, she was writing and reading, winning accolades for her poetry and short stories.
She is now based in Northern California, but travels regularly to Australia and New Zealand for work and family. Her international work now focuses on coaching and training for high-stakes communication. She is a sought-after guest speaker for conferences and workshops.

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