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The Executive Communicator™

“Great leaders are made, not born. And great leaders are great communicators”.

An executive’s ability to communicate well when the stakes are high is not a ‘nice-to-have’ but a ‘must-have’.

Your or your executives’ speaking ability in presentations, pitches, Board meetings, media interviews, crisis communications and internal team building is a core competency, fundamental to your and your organisation’s success.

75% of executives want to (and can) speak better. Are you, your executives, or your media spokespeople in the 75%?

Our flagship program for the whole-of-an-executive’s career, The Executive Communicator™, has been developed as a result of 20 years of experience in training leaders – from subject matter experts to middle management, senior C-suite and Board levels – to speak and speak well.

Ask us about our bespoke speaking skills programs that will:

Communicate on your terms.

You may have known us previously as Media Manoeuvres but to be much more representative of what we do each day, we have changed our name to Communication & Media Manoeuvres. But that is all we have changed – we are still the same people and we are still Australia’s leading specialist speaking, training and coaching organisation. 

We give leaders and spokespeople the skills to communicate with presence, power and persuasion when the stakes are high – when speaking and communicating with stakeholders and the media.

For over 20 years, we have trained many of Australia’s high-profile leaders and iconic companies. Our proof of success is the length of time clients stay with us – many during their entire executive careers. Our clients directly credit us as being a vital part of their successful career progression through their learned speaking abilities to connect, engage, and influence.

We work with corporate affairs, communications professionals, people and culture, and leadership learning & development teams to prepare leaders and spokespeople to speak with clarity and confidence.

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Over many years and through teaching thousands of executives to build their executive presence and confidence in speaking skills, Communication & Media Manoeuvres has witnessed the direct benefit to careers and to the reputation of organisations our executive clients represent.

We combine international principles of executive and leadership education with proven training frameworks and experienced industry trainers and coaches. We see our clients achieve outstanding results, internally and externally.