MEDIA RELEASE – Exclusive Training to Help Experienced Journalists Secure Their Future

After years as a print, television or radio journalist, the turmoil of redundancy and the daunting prospect of an uncertain future in the hit-and-miss world of freelance journalism can seem overwhelming.
For the first time ever, Sam Elam – CEO of Australia’s largest specialist media training company, Media Manoeuvres – is offering one-on-one training to take the worry out of your future.
This unique one-on-one training opportunity offers a limited number of experienced journalists the chance to create a new career path – drawing on your skills and valuable industry experience and equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to explore an exciting new direction.
Media Manoeuvres has an impressive, blue-chip client base of large corporate and government bodies – with a 15-year track record of helping experienced television, print and radio journalists secure employment in the lucrative world of corporate communications consulting and media training.
Learn how to become a corporate and government media trainer of choice and enjoy the extra benefit of Sam’s personal coaching – showing you how to find business: develop it, market it, pitch it to potential clients and even how to price your services.
Sam Elam’s own 25-year career – establishing herself as a recognized leader in the area of media training & consulting – speaks volumes about the caliber of training available.
Client testimonials consistently rank Media Manoeuvres -trained trainers as the best they have used.
“There are quality journalists and some great talent coming out of media companies – particularly TV and print organizations – with the right skills to become quality media trainers,” said Elam, who acknowledges that facing a professional future, post-redundancy, can seem daunting.
“I can demystify that and show journalists how to use their unique skills to become media trainers or consultants.”
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