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Your corporate communications strategy should include spokesperson media training.

Having a good media spokesperson on your team can make all the difference between your company gaining a good reputation or a bad one. Executive training in this area can reap huge rewards for your business – or avoid the pitfalls of an interview gone wrong.

A spokesperson with the skills to get your message across on radio or television in response to difficult questions empowers you, and leaves you in control of the outcome.

Our Proven Approach to Media Training

The Media Manoeuvres approach to executive media training is simple. Companies must have effective and efficient media spokespeople to deliver your messages succinctly and with impact. Media training should be ongoing for senior management, executives and team members.

Our experienced media trainers focus on developing new skills and behaviours. We teach you how to prepare your interview game plan, control the interview, deliver consistent key messages, see the potential consequences of your words, and importantly, integrate new skills into effective performance. Improving media skills from unknown to expert prepares your executive team for the next critical media interview.

Course Outlines

Our programs are delivered in varying formats, which are specifically designed to match the skill level and needs of trainees.

Our programs are delivered in varying formats, which are specifically designed to match the skill level and needs of trainees

Seven qualities of highly effective spokespeople

  1. Knowledge of their target audience: It is imperative to know the target audience, because these are the people with whom you want to communicate.
  2. Understanding of the media: Knowing how journalists think and work is important when it comes to communicating with the media or managing media coverage during a crisis.
  3. Understanding of their key messages: When working with the media it’s important to be consistent with key messages being delivered to the public. A good spokesperson will be able to address the media and stay on-message, whatever the question.
  4. Preparedness: Great spokespeople know how to prepare before speaking with a journalist. They can predict questions that may be asked and will always have information they can draw from, such as company statistics and facts.
  5. Eloquence: They speak with meaning and are articulate. People want to listen to what they are saying.
  6. Calmness under pressure: They keep their cool in difficult situations and concentrate on the messages that need to be conveyed.
  7. Confidence: They appear relaxed, confident, focussed and credible. They speak with power.

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